Tried and Failed? So What?

Today, I just want to encourage all of the women who have tried in the past to lose weight or start a workout program, but have not met their goals.  Sadly, when this happens, it’s easy to feel like a failure, but you are NOT a failure, and today is a new day!

Remember the very famous words of Lao-Tzu:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I want to encourage each of you not to worry about what you think you CAN’T do. Instead, focus on doing something that you CAN do.

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve already tried and failed 100 times.  THIS can be the time that you succeed and reach every one of your goals.

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Attending a boot camp can help you to that end.  There is no judgment here. There is no one who will make you feel like a failure because you can’t run as fast or lift as much as someone else. Instead, you’ll find an environment of encouragement. 

We will help you set realistic goals and then watch as you amaze yourself by achieving those goals! I have to say that is such a good feeling to watch as women outdo themselves. 

When you stretch your limits and push yourself just a little further than you thought you could go, you’ll be amazed at how that will give you the motivation you need to take your workout to the next level.

Lots of people have had false starts, but a false start doesn’t equal failure.  Just put on those running shoes and try again. 


Boot camp is THE place to come if you need some direction, encouragement and the motivation that being around other women can provide.

Many women found the boot camp experience to be so helpful that they signed up for boot camp more than once! 

Yes, we’ll show you proper workout techniques and teach you about nutrition. We’ll also make it fun and show you not just HOW to do it, but we’ll help show you that you CAN do it!


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