Blogging at the park…

Hello Ladies,

It was a pleasure watching you all bust it out at the park today. Thanks to Sarah’s request, Stacy stepped it up. It also helps that she finally slept 6 hours last night (shhhh!). I’m sure Isora wished she had brought the lighter weights… (go Isora!!!).

Stacy’s sidekick signing on…

A warm welcome to our new campers Jennifer, Yanick, and Vanessa M. You are going to love camp!

Now on to a topic that’s essential towards your progress from boot camp… Nutrition:

Quantity Matter as Much as Quality

Our country is getting fatter.  Yeah, I know that’s not exactly a news flash, but I was recently giving some thought to all of the factors contributing to the collective weight gain of a nation.   Some blame the ubiquity of fast food options, but such places also existed in the 1950’s and 1960’s when America’s waist line was much smaller.

While I understand that there are several factors at play here, there is one that we can all easily change in our own lives: portion control.

I can even use the aforementioned fast food as an example.  Until the 1970’s, McDonald’s only offered one size French fries.  The calorie count for a single order was 200. Today, the large is considered the “standard” size, and includes over 600 calories!

While portion sizes in restaurants continued to grow, the portion sizes we serve at home also got larger.  Many people are shocked to learn that a proper portion size for meat is about the size of a deck of cards.  An average size bagel is actually TWO servings, yet most people eat the whole thing. 

Of course WHAT we eat is very important, but HOW MUCH we eat is just as important when it comes to controlling our weight and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. 

Here are some tips to help you with portion control.

  • Most restaurants serve portions that are enough for two (or more!) people.  As soon as the waitress puts the plate in front of you, divide the food in half.  Eat half, and take the rest home and have it for lunch the next day.
  • When eating snacks at home, such as nuts or pretzels, do not eat right from the bag. Doing so makes it impossible to keep track of how much you are eating.  Instead, place an appropriate sized portion in a bowl.
  • Learn the proper serving sizes for meats, bread, pasta and starchy vegetables (see below).  Place only that amount on the dinner plate. 
  • Use a smaller plate.  I know it sounds silly, but if your plate looks full, you’ll think you’re getting a larger portion.

Below are the some examples of proper serving sizes for some of the food categories.

Grains and Starches

  • One half of a hot dog bun
  • One slice of white, rye or wheat bread
  • Two slices of low calorie bread
  • Two graham crackers
  • 3 cups of popped popcorn (no butter or salt)

Starchy Vegetables

  • One small baked potato
  • One cup butternut squash
  • One half cup peas


  • One cup most uncooked vegetables
  • One half cup most cooked vegetables


  • One medium sized orange
  • Two tablespoons of raisins
  • 12 grapes
  • One half cup fruit cocktail


  • Three ounces for most meats (as mentioned above, this is about the size of a deck of cards)

Of course, some foods, such as processed foods and sugar laden, high-fat snack foods, should be avoided altogether.

If you’ve been eating portions that are too large, you’re not alone! Most people do not use proper serving guidelines. 

Learning about appropriate serving sizes is one of the first steps toward healthy eating.  As part of the boot camp experience, a class on proper nutrition is provided to all participants. During this class, you’ll learn about healthy eating and be able to ask any questions you may have. TBA


On last thing before I sign off…

Linda, your back and your Madonna arm’s look amazing. WOW!

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