Vacation Does NOT Have to Mean a Vacation from Working Out

It’s so easy to fall into complete veg mode when on vacation.  But going five or more days without working out can make it tough to get back into the routine when you get back home.  Also, since most of us (and I’m speaking for myself here) tend to eat a bit more when we’re on vacation, it’s even more important to find a little time to get a work out in. 


Some vacations have workouts built right in like one of my favorite ways to keep fit: running on the beach. Other productive workouts are Hiking in the mountains or kayaking in white waters.  As a bonus, you get to spend your time surrounded by nature! That’s a win-win.

If you didn’t opt for an active vacation spot this year, there are usually still ways to workout.  On cruise ships and in most nice hotels there are well-appointed gyms.   Take advantage of them.  If you’re staying with a family member who does not own any workout equipment, just get in a run or brisk walk every day.

Many gyms will allow temporary memberships of a week or so.  See if there is one close to where you’ll be staying.  If so, you’ll be able to get in a full workout while you’re away from home.

It’s going to be easier to workout if you do it first thing in the morning.  You’ll probably be busy and if you don’t make time in the morning, there’s a chance it won’t happen at all.

Road Trips

For me, one of the most “dangerous” vacation situations is the road trip.  What is it about a road trip that makes me crave junk food like no other time?  Obviously, if you’re stuck in the car for three days, there won’t be much opportunity for exercise, but if you stop overnight, at least try to get in a short run before bed. Also, replace the chips and candy with fruit and a handful of nuts. 


I love to eat out, but I avoid buffets because they provide too much of an opportunity to overeat.  Well, if you’ve ever been on a cruise then you know that they are one giant week-long buffet.  I have never seen that much food in one place in my life.

I do think if you’re on vacation, and you’ve splurged for a cruise, that you should enjoy all aspects of cruising, even the food. However, try to stick to reasonable portions and be sure to include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you’ll be heading on vacation soon, or if you just got back, it’s a perfect time to check out our boot camp.  You’ll not only learn some basic principles and how to work out no matter where you are, you’ll also become so motivated that you won’t WANT to miss a workout.

You’ll feel so great and empowered after taking part in boot camp, that you may even try to plan your vacation around how you can get the best workouts!

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