East Side Camp started today, July 27th…

This past Saturday we had our monthly FREE Saturday Boot Camp. The weather was perfect for a workout at the park.  Everyone gave 110% and we had fun too. I’ll see most of you at camp… But for those who are still thinking about it I hope to see you soon. Remember, you will be doing something important for yourself. This is a commitment to you and I am 100% committed to your success. I guarantee you won’t regret it. In the process of making a change in your lifestyle towards a healthier you,  you will feel stronger while gaining longtime friends in the process. Hurry! There is still room to join.

Thank you all who came to join us:

Andre R
Daniel Nelson
Denise Roche
Ebony Fuseyamore
Jamil Whipple
Jennifer Davis
Joselyn & Friends
kelly Brown
Liliana Ramirez
Michelle Dwaileebe
Regla Serrano
Renita Miller
Ritu Singh
Ritu Singh
Sarah Adydan
sarah rubenstein
Sunita Iyer
Tina Malhotra

Looking forward to working with you.

Register Now!


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