You’re Beautiful the Way You Are

Ok my friends, now I am really getting into this blogging thing. I feel there is so much I want to tell you all on a daily basis I figure I’ll tell you my thoughts through this blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will enjoy writing to you on it.

Yesterday, I was watching a random TV show and I saw the ad for the Bachelor on ABC. The new one is about obese women competing for the love of one guy. Although I think it is honorable to have all types and shapes of people on Television. I also don’t want people to think it is ok to be unhealthy and obese.

Stacy Papakostas

There is so much talk on television shows and in magazines about women loving themselves the way they are, extra weight and all…  Women of all sizes are being taught that they are beautiful and that they should shun anyone who suggests they need to lose weight to be attractive.   While this may be true, is that really the point?

Even if someone thinks they look great while carrying around an extra 20 pounds or more, the more important question is this: Is she healthy?

It’s disturbing that women are being taught that it’s ok to be overweight – or even obese – because they can still be considered beautiful.  Is beauty the ultimate goal, or should good health be more important?

Of course I agree that women should not be judged based on their weight or appearance.  At the same time, is it really a good idea promote ideas that make it acceptable to continue in an unhealthy lifestyle?

Women that are overweight have a higher risk of many serious health conditions.  None of this is news.  Diabetes, stroke and heart disease are just a few of potentially life threatening complications of being overweight.

Additionally, there are the other side effects, such as lack of energy, that keep a woman from really living the best possible life.

 So how do we find a happy medium between making women feel “less than” for being overweight and telling them it’s perfectly fine to be that way?  The answer is in changing the goal.  Health AND fitness should be your focus.

There are millions of beautiful, fabulous overweight women.  No one should make them feel that they need to lose weight in order to be more beautiful.  I would never reach out to someone in order to tell them that they need to be “more” beautiful.  I would, however, reach out to anyone who would listen and tell them that healthy choices are easier than they think, and they could FEEL so much better by making a few simple lifestyle changes. 

NYC Adventure Boot Camp is committed to making your fitness routine fun and effective. We want you to be healthy and beautiful. The goal on our end is that as a happy side effect, healthy women are going to feel more beautiful.   Your skin will look better, you will have more energy, you will feel better about yourselves, not because of the way you look, but because of the way you feel.


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